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 Cj's moderator/server support Application.

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Cj's moderator/server support Application. Empty
PostSubject: Cj's moderator/server support Application.   Cj's moderator/server support Application. Icon_minitimeWed Jul 20, 2011 5:21 pm

In-game User: Cj, Cj pure & Cj skiller (mainly cj pure though)

How Long Have You Been playing: not long enough, but honestly around 10-15 days, with 6-7 hours a day.

Am I Trustworthy: as far as i am aware, as i am trusted for helping people transfer stuff from their main accounts to their skiller etc..

How Long Are You Active: 6-7 hours a day, however I could put some more time into it on demand.

What Would You Do: I would do pretty much what i do now, welcome new players, give them a small starter (from my own money/items, i wouldn't use my staff powers for it). And i would ensure people know what they are doing, and teach them several ways to make money, and take any questions from them. If i was lucky enough to recieve a staff position, i would use my powers to create a safe/friendly community for others, and ban/mute the people that advertise other servers or briech rules on more than one occasion.

What Kind Of Person Are You In-Game: I am a friendly, helpful and caring player that puts other people before myself in-order to create a happy friendship with them.

Why Do You Want To Be Mod: As i said before, to keep the server fun, safe and friendly.

What kind of experience do you have: I have many different types of experiences on runescape private servers, including owning, coding and hosting my own rsps named "xox-scape". I doubt many people remember it but it had 40+ players around a year back. I have also been owners on other servers, admins on many servers, and mod on plenty of servers, so as far as expeerience is concerned, i have been playing 317 rsps for over 4 years now.

Notes you want to add:
I speak fluent english as i was born in the UK, i also speak a little french, german and dutch.

I am grateful to recieve any position, so thanks in advance if i do get one Very Happy

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Cj's moderator/server support Application.
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