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 Q's Moderator Application

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Do you want me to be a moderator?
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 100% [ 2 ]
Yes but not yet.
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Total Votes : 2



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PostSubject: Q's Moderator Application   Q's Moderator Application Icon_minitimeWed Sep 12, 2012 9:56 am

Dear Rap3rs,

In-game User:


Real life name:

Benjamin (But everyone calls me Benji)

How Long Have You Been playing:

Since v2 with pleasure

Am I Trustworthy:

Yes, i know no one would say no and even say yes when there not, but yes i am trustworthy, I like to help, im as much online as i can, i know alot of the game and i like to handle things maturely.

How Long Are You Active:

A few decent hours a day.

What Would You Do:

Helping the playerbase getting up, helping the players in game, Handling the order aswell as on forums as ingame, all together just making the community a better place.

What Kind Of Person Are You In-Game:

A guy trying to get everything 99, enjoying myself together with helping other people, and doing things together.

Why Do You Want To Be Mod:

Cause i think i can be very helpfull for the server, in all sorts of ways, plus my timezone is different from the most english and american players with a 6 hour diffrence which means i can be there for the others aswell.

What kind of experience do you have:

I have been admin and moderator on many servers, and also have been mod twice on rapescap3 itself.

Notes you want to add? Down here:


How old are you?:

17 years old, 2 october i turn 18. (2-10-94)

Do you know alot about the game runescape itself and rapescap3 aside?:

Yes i do, i play rapescap3 now for a really long time, ill started playing in V2, Ive been playing the real runescape now for about 10 years and i know about everything i need to know to be a good moderator.


Also i know that the moderator applies at the moment aren't being that succesfull, since players think we have enough staff for now, personally i agree with that but what i dont agree about that point is that they aren't online that much, also cause people think that cause some of us had staff before (Like me) just make an application cause they think they can get it back without doing anything. Which is not my case but i understand how they feel and think about it, i just made my apply to show you guys what i can do, and to share some of my expierences and idea's with you.
Hope you guys didnt mind reading it and not that you have the feeling you waste your'e time.

Best regards,


PS: Why i made the poll both yesses, is not cause im cocky.
But cause i know there's alot of hate on the moderator applies atm.
And when ur thought are like nahhh just let me know in the comments.
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PostSubject: Re: Q's Moderator Application   Q's Moderator Application Icon_minitimeThu Sep 13, 2012 4:47 pm

I play a lot with Q in-game. He is a very good player, he is willing to help anyone, which is why i say +1

- Fate
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Q's Moderator Application
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