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 Bad staff report.

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Bad staff report. Empty
PostSubject: Bad staff report.   Bad staff report. Icon_minitimeFri May 21, 2010 11:20 am

most staff whenever something happens either do nothing about it or over react.
retro freak when i was rushed at war and looted banned someone who didn't even do that, and refused to accept that it was actually purem. on my pure when i lost my ags to purem he tried just giving me 10k reward tokens to forget about it. i declined the offer though. i believe he's trying to protect purem..

he also gave me most of this stuff just for finding a mole in one of his events, and he's given out a few thousand other tokens to other players.
Bad staff report. Retrol

whenever adrian or seth gets on, i'd like to give you most of that stuff, so inform me when you are. the only staff that actually do anything are pentagon, almighty q, bobibob and pure kaos
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Bad staff report.
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