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PostSubject: TDS Staff App   TDS  Staff App Icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2011 2:36 am

How Long Have You Been Playing: about 3 months

In Game Name: Tds

Are you Trustworthy: yes very in game to some admins and in reallife.

How Active are you: i play about 6 to 10 hours a day unless i have football.

What Would You Do If you become mod: I will help other players as usual (especially new players), have people follow more rules and more.

What Kind Of Person Are You In-Game: i am a kind person i dont spam or break the rulz yes i do end up cussing when i get mad but not to others.

Why Do You Want To Be Mod: would want to be a mod because I feel I have the experience to be a mod on this server, I am helpful, respective, and I am on a lot to supervise players who are breaking rules. I would like to be a mod on this server because it is also the only one I play. Also I feel it's a responsibility to be a mod and be on as much as possible and do what you have to do to keep players safe from rule breakers and such. Even if I don't get this position I will still help people always.

What kind of experience do you have: I do have experience as a mod and other sorts of staff on many other servers, with coding and gfx.

Are You Reliable: i am a reliable person i would not let anyone down i am an overachiever.
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TDS Staff App
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