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 Taking a break from rapescap3

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Grimm Raper


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PostSubject: Taking a break from rapescap3   Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:53 am

Hey wel ive been playing for like 3 months now. I am a donater but the server has been getting worse day by day. The lag causes spammers to come by and take our players -.- Also because of the loss of players and the abusive bans of admins we lose pkers which tbh is really the only fun thing to do. I am not quitting just taking a break because this lag is sometimes just too unbearable. Before i leave i will leave a list of what i think should be fixed :].

What should be fixed:
Bandos is way too overpowered fix his healing glitch
economy is fucked up because players found ways to dupe tokens
attack and dc glitch
invisible glitch

This server has a lot of potential and i think if you really worked on it you could earn a bunch of donations but otherwise it is farewell.

I will miss my friends ill be back once in a while to see how u guys are doing. Also if u want to buy some donor items for rs cash (im not sure if its illegal to do on forums) leave me a private message on forums or pm me online. Currently im asking for 7m rsgp for ea donor item including adrians. But i can negotiate. I have almost every item so yeah. Here you go. And here you go :]
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Jin karasagi


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PostSubject: :OOOOOOOOO   Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:29 am

bai Smile
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Taking a break from rapescap3
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