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 Bl00d W0lf for Moderator :o

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bl00d w0lf

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Bl00d W0lf for Moderator :o Empty
PostSubject: Bl00d W0lf for Moderator :o   Bl00d W0lf for Moderator :o Icon_minitimeSat Aug 06, 2011 12:07 am

How Long Have You Been playing:
I have been playing for a couple of weeks. I also played back in 2009 a little bit. I have the hang of things in the game and know pretty much everything that you need to know.

Am I Trustworthy:
Yes i am very trustworthy. i will complete any task you would want me to do. I will help other players when they need it. and iv played this server more the i have the others. Most server i get bored after 2 days but not this one. That shows how trustworthy i am.

How Long Are You Active:
I am active everyday. I am on at least 4 hours a day. At most probably 7. That means ill be on long enough to help most players and make the game a better community.

What Would You Do:
I would do anything you asked me to do. Also i would help players that need help if they're new. And also i will make sure to keep the people being happy. I will try to help the server become better by posting adds or going into other private servers and telling them to come here. Also try to keep unfair things from happening like cheating.

What Kind Of Person Are You In-Game:
I am a trustworthy person in the game. I will help people to the best of my abilities. And im kind to other players and dont ignore them if i dont feel like talking.

Why Do You Want To Be Mod:
I want to be a Mod because i want to keep this game running smoothly, and watch this server grow. Another reason is i want to make sure nothing bad is going on such as cheating or things you shoudlnt be doing in the game like wilderness cheating. I dont want people getting scammed because i have seen it before i want to stop them by jailing them or banning. But i cant do this unless i am a Mod.

What kind of experience do you have:
I have tons of experience. Iv played servers for a very long time now and know almost everything you really need to know. Iv played runescape for two years but quit a long time ago and find rsps more fun.

Are You Reliable:
I think i am very reliable. I can get a task done that you can ask me. I can help anyone out that needs help and complete any other tasks that you want from me. Otherwise i cant really explain the rest you would just have to see.

Notes you want to add:
I know i havent played this server too long but i think i can make a difference to players and help out the game alot. As i said iv been playing RSPS alot and know what needs done. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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Bl00d W0lf for Moderator :o
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