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 Epic Demons Redone Moderator Application

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Epic Demon

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PostSubject: Epic Demons Redone Moderator Application   Epic Demons Redone Moderator Application Icon_minitimeMon Aug 01, 2011 12:47 pm

well i try to edit my other mod application and it dont work so i do another one

How Long Have You Been Playing: Wellbut i have been playing around 4 weeks, i tried to register on the forums when i first started and it would not work so i have tried again and it worked

In Game Name: Epic Demon

Are you Trustworthy: yes i would say i'm trustworthy, if players need any help i help them and dont lie. i never tell lies because that gets you no where in life. if i became moderator i WOULD NOT ABUSE MY POWERS I would Do my job right. its up to players to trust me or not but i never scam,spam or threaten players.

How Active are you: i stay online for about 6 hours plus a day because i am addicted to this server because of its awesomeness and i have donated to show how much i love this server.

What Would You Do If you become mod: If i became a moderator i would help players, stop players from doing wrong, if they break the rules ill tell them to look at the rules and give them a warning and if they carry on doing bad i would send them to jail. i would stop spammers because sometimes when im online and no staff are they're are spammers. I WOULD NOT ABUSE MY POWERS and i do know what its like being a moderator because i have experienced being one before.

What Kind Of Person Are You In-Game: I love making friends, i am helpful to players with clue scrolls, how to make money and if they need help on anything. when people do wrong i tell them to stop it or ill tell a staff member etc selling bronze phats or donor items. i love everything about this server,thats why i donated

Why Do You Want To Be Mod: Well i want to be moderator because i basically want to help to server out and all the players. i love playing this server and i am online 6 hours minimum a day so i can help people because i will be active.

What kind of experience do you have: i was a moderator on crisisx server but there was a update on that and i lost my staff spot, i have been hidden admin on some off the allstarscape servers. and i do know what its like being a moderator because i have experienced it plenty of times before.

Are You Reliable: Yes You can rely on me to help the server and all the players on it. I like to help to staff out and tell them when people are doing wrong i like to help people with example clue scrolls,tell them to do ::pure and tell them how to get money.

Thank You For Taking Your Time And Looking At My Application
Yours Sincerely
Epic Demon Donator Of Rap3scape
Ps. Ask Angels Or Metyankee how i have helped them
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Epic Demons Redone Moderator Application
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