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 eliexy ef for mod

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eliexy ef

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PostSubject: eliexy ef for mod   eliexy ef for mod Icon_minitimeSun Jul 24, 2011 9:35 am

hi i am eliexy ef.i am from canada but i live in lebanon.i am 16 years old.i speak arab/french/english.i want to be a moderator to help ppl.
Are you Trustworthy: I would say i am very trustworthy i am always on if someone needs help i will react with the right precaution, i can be trusted in many circumstances and in any way i am always online and i know all of the rules. I also can be trusted with big responsibilities like looking after the server for a short while or things seth or adrian might put me to do i won't back down and try my best.

How Active are you: I know it may seem sad but school just broke up so i am on at least 4 hours a day maybe longer depending on real life.

What Would You Do If you become mod: If i become a moderator i would do things i never got to do people would listen to me therefore being able to warn people with confidence and take the right action. I would also be able to pitch in for new update ideas and help the owners out, when other staff members aren't on i can assure you, i will be on. Although if i am not online i will be on my xbox Gamertag: RHCP x, so you can contact me there.

What Kind Of Person Are You In-Game: I am a very calm friendly guy although you may have to ask many of the people in the server as i know most people, i can be trusted with almost anything and sort out arguments, rule breaking accusers and others. I will never, ever! abuse my power no matter if i am mad or just want to joke around no matter what i will take everything with seriousness and never make a player feel unhappy with the server.

Why Do You Want To Be Mod: I would like to change the server, i pk alot so therefore i am in one of the biggest rule breaking area's you know, pjing,rushing,teleporting on death,teleporting just before death. e.t.c i can help here mostly but i will be around home alot if people need any kind of help with prices, locations, anything like that i am always there to help i won't ever turn anyone down.

What kind of experience do you have: I have told many staff about rule breakers, as i have been mod on deltascape, corruptionx,exemptionx and many other servers i only go for mod as this way i can still pk and have fun while stopping rule breakers and making players feel happy and find the server the best serve they've ever been on.

Are You Reliable: Yes you can rely on me to take care of the server, sort out bug abusers,dupers,rule breakers, anything liek that i will be there you can rely on me to take time out of my real life stuff and get on the server just to help people i am a very friendly guy so don't judge me on first appearances, thank you for reading
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eliexy ef for mod
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