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 The Hall Monitor's Hobby!

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Hall Monitor

Hall Monitor

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The Hall Monitor's Hobby! Empty
PostSubject: The Hall Monitor's Hobby!   The Hall Monitor's Hobby! Icon_minitimeWed Jul 20, 2011 9:05 pm

Hallo I don't speak da anglish... jk. Sup people reading my bio, to start off, my IRL name is Stéphane (I'm a boy... there's no "i" so don't ask if I'm a girl, I hate that -.-). My in-game name is Hall Monitor (like every other rsps I've played before) and I've been playing for merely 2 days by now. So far so good with the server Very Happy As you can see, that IS a REAL picture of me as my profile. I'm 14 years old and, yes, I am Asian... half to be precise (the other half is French) Laughing I race karts (no need to go into detail with my kart), and have been doing so ever since I was 11. I will most likely be staying on this server for a LONG while Smile I play all Need for Speed games on the PC (online) as well, so if you have a NFS game as well, feel free to ask for my username! WELL, that's just a little bit of me. Take care everyone and enjoy your stay on RapeScap3!

~ Regards, Hall Monitor
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The Hall Monitor's Hobby!
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