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 deathshot123's App for Mod

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PostSubject: deathshot123's App for Mod   deathshot123's App for Mod Icon_minitimeTue Jun 22, 2010 6:55 am

In- User: deathshot123

How Long Have You Been playing: I think i start from v8 i haven't been playing after the reset because i didn't know it was back up.

Am I Trustworthy: Yes because I am honest with all members.

How Long Are You Active: I play everyday and everyday I play 7 hours and more in the summer time

What Would You Do: Do what I want to do and help players and the server and staying at ::home helping new members

What Kind Of Person Are You In-: All I can say is honest and kind

Why Do You Want To Be Mod: I want to become a mod because I would wish to help out around the server helping help new members and helping members if needed

What kind of experience do you have: Well I don't have mod or admin experience because when i play any private server the server will reset of shut down so I don't have a chance becoming a mod or admin but I have been playing runescape private servers more than 1 year so i have lots of experience in helping new members.
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deathshot123's App for Mod
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