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 Sapphira ideas.

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Sapphira ideas. Empty
PostSubject: Sapphira ideas.   Sapphira ideas. Icon_minitimeSat Jun 05, 2010 12:08 pm

Well, after a week of p-server hunting (actually duping for fun), I got quite a few ideas that might help rapescap3 to become a greater server Smile.

1: We need to link the skilling together with our economy. Currently, rune essence are linked. And pretty much nothing else. I suggest that we can have more items linked. Such as removing logs from shops and encourage players to cut them by offering attractive rewards such as trading with NPCs for certain unique items that cannot be obtained elsewhere, and sold to firemakers and fletchers.

Mining can also be linked with smithing. An example will be the ores mined can be smelted into bars, with the correct proportion of coal ores needed. The bars can be smelted into equip or a certain amount of cash/tokens.

Again, a NPC can be made, selling unique custom items that require an amount of certain items obtained from skilling to exchange. The requirement should be hard, in order to bring up the server economy.

2: Simple Smile. Pest control fixed.

3: Barrows reward redone. The NPC in shop area already sell barrow items. I believe we have our GFX designers,etc. There could be an exchange of normal barrows item into Glided barrows item, which can be obtained only from the barrows reward. At such, the barrows minigame would not be abandoned by players.

4: A third currency Smile,such as Tokku. Used to purchase certain items and all. We all know that Tzhaar have been ignored other than fightingcaves. New items can be added into a custom shop that sells off items for tokku. This should be made extremely hard, in order to balance out server economy and have obtainable rares and all.


6: Everything in Barker's shop decrease by 100times in price. READ ON, DON'T RAGE AND GO UP IN SMOKE.

7:Thieving stores rewards reduced by 100times. Max amount 50k/thief.

8: Coin drops added to KBD/BANDOS/GREEN DRAGS.

9: General stores price balanced to meet the new economy.

10: Seriously, fix the dupes.

The whole idea was based off for having a better economy. New players tend to lust for powerfull items. Our current server would be able to provide them with items such as tri-gs, dragonkites,etc at a very reasonable price. However, this make our server a fun server, of which there is nothing more to work for as long as you got a TRI-gs and dragon plate. Many players therefore stick to stocking up items and skilling, which would be very boring after a while.

With the new items added( make them rare pl0x). Everyone would have a better goal to work for---- getting the rares to show off and such. With the prices reduced, it is now possible to trade items in a reasonable price like 300m, 400m, etc for the rares. This will increase the value of currency and maintain the server's economy.

By doing this, new players will be able to enjoy overpowering mobs and the feeling of ownage. However, they will still have a goal when they are finished with leveling. Skilling will become meaningfull. Minigames will be put into use,so players will be actually playing them.


I believe everything above is capable in the means of techiques. On my point of view, it will be able to maintain the server economy and players. Rapescap3 should be an unique server. Unlike other servers out there.



In the runelocus top list page.

The server above us sucks.
The server below us lags.
We are the best.
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Sapphira ideas.
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