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 pure kq pax

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PostSubject: pure kq pax   pure kq pax Icon_minitimeThu Jun 03, 2010 2:33 am

my names pure kq pax ingame, the name comes from my idol from rs, it also means pure peace, with an added kq in the middle. my irl name is colton, im 15 and love life. my previous server got shut down, so i now play rapescap3 which is a legit server. RIP ultimascape, hello rapescap3. im a lvl 3 skiller on rape, with 12 99s, and 88 cooking...11 lvls away from maxed skiller. after i get maxed skiller youll find me hanging out at ::home or ::war. my first friend on this server was
K U S H, whose also a near maxed lvl 3 skiller. any questions to pm me in game, ill be chillin.
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pure kq pax
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