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 dd bounty though id apply for mod

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dd bounty

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dd bounty though id apply for mod Empty
PostSubject: dd bounty though id apply for mod   dd bounty though id apply for mod Icon_minitimeFri Sep 07, 2012 4:09 pm

hey everyone you might remember me if you played rapescap3 before, if not hi im dd bounty

my in game name is dd bounty

i thought id apply for mod cause i love to help server and do anything to keep it up for good this time, im friendly and helpful and always willing to help new players and the old.im a trust worthy player and always online now its back up.

what would i do if i became i mod: if i became a mod i would continue to help all players, and make sure they dont do anythink wrong and advising them on things they mite not be to sure about. i would make sure that they check the forums to help them understand certian consepts of the game, to make sure they vote to get more people to join the server and make sure they check the ::rules so they are aware of what not to do, and if they have made a mistake with the rules i would give them warnings .e.g to stop what there doing, warning them, jail, then ban if need be.

what kind of person are you in game: in game i am a nice calm person i like chilling out and leveling with players and getting to no the people i play with.

why do i want to become a mod: i would like to become a mod because i love this server and there players on it and i would like to help the sever be the best it can without dupers, party dropers, scammers ect. and help players to follow in the footsteps of the great staff members and help the server.

what kind of experiance to i have: i have played private servers now for about 4-5 years i have become mods on some of the previous servers i hve played and i have knowledge of how to be a mod.

are u reliable: yes i am realiable i help loads of people on the server and some of my friends all the time with things like tranfering items to them. i would never take peoples items and scam the as i think its rediculos there is no point u dont earn peoples respect and trust.

thank you for taking time to read my letter
yours sinserly
dd bounty
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dd bounty though id apply for mod
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