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 Several glitches that i know about!

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Several glitches that i know about! Empty
PostSubject: Several glitches that i know about!   Several glitches that i know about! Icon_minitimeThu Sep 08, 2011 8:55 pm

Theres a Monster fight no clip glitch.

Theres a Dds glitch with overpower'd weapons.

Theres a Bronze p-hat glitch.

Theres a Walk glitch.

Theres a D claw spec glitch, were it shows up hits that you don't actually hit.

Theres No wait for players to talk in yell so auto-typerz\spammerz\bots can advert or w\e. And the yell orange chat which i'll only dis-close to staff which already know.

The No-clip that donars have, when they shouldn't (mis-coded).

I'll edit and add in all further glitches people post that i missed please pm me if you want me to add in more.

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Several glitches that i know about!
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