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 Mazinkillazx's redone mod application

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Mazinkillazx's redone mod application Empty
PostSubject: Mazinkillazx's redone mod application   Mazinkillazx's redone mod application Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 10:37 am

My mod application.

In Game Name: My in game name is "Mazinkillazx"

How Long Have You Been Playing: I have been playing the actual game for a few days short of a month.

Are you Trustworthy: Yes i am fairly trustworthy. I never attempt to scam people and i am not afraid to take responsibility for my actions.

How Active are you: Now that school started i play from 4:00-9:00pm eastern time on weekdays. I play from 11:00am-8pm on weekends.

What Would You Do: If i was a mod i would do my best to try to make sure all the games rules are being followed, and peoples questions are being answered if any. I also would never try to do anything to hurt anyone in game or even the server itself.

What Kind Of Person Are You In-Game: I am a friendly person most of the time but i mainly like to do things with the "combat" related side of rapescap3. I always answer questions when asked and try my best to help players.

Why Do You Want To Be Mod: Despite recent events i believe that with the help of good staff, the owners can turn the game around any lead us to the #1 private server spot. I want to take part in this action and do whatever i can to help accomplish it.

What kind of experience do you have: I have been a mod in 2 other private servers and an admin in 1. I can adapt quickly to any situation i'm needed in.

Notes you want to add: I am a very persistent and hard working person. When i set my mind to something i don't stop until iv'e reached the goal that I've strived for. I try to be as fair as possible in all situations and still stay firm.

Thank you for considering me to being Rapescap3's next moderator.
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Mazinkillazx's redone mod application
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