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 IM shadowblade

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PostSubject: IM shadowblade   Wed Aug 24, 2011 5:35 pm

Hey i forgot to make an intro, usually thats the 1st thing i do when i join a server, ive searched for alot of servers. And i see that this one has a shittun of potential. We just need to unlock it, I suggest we make 30 utube videos, post pictures and posters around town and in school under an unominus name. Maybe in the brooms and the such. So people dont know who you are. Ive got friends who are joining soon one is under the username of JJuphold12. one is magicruneox something, i dont remember the number... But yea, there should be a Advertiser ranking system, and a adv zone...

1 person is the recruiter rank. 0 people are the recruited rank, 3 people are the general rank, and 5 are the lt general. 20 are the 10th prestige rank and there should iether be rare, high leveled monsters like necklagin or whatever the hell the giant black demon is. And the such, and customs. Recruits dont have a custom and a recruiter has a recruiter sword, its only req is 45 atk and has lower atk then the dscim but higher then the rune scim. The generals thing should be a generals shield, same sprite as the crystal shield but have great defence. And the lt generals wepon is a lt genrals 2h. It should be a powerfull 2h that is better then the whip but is only dropped by the monsters behind the door that lt generals can enter. And the 10th prestige should have a special whip, the prestigitory whip. The str bonus should be +98, slash +110, stab and the such have 0 bonuses cus there not needed. And The special is gold slash. It hits double on rats, double your max hit. And another, the 2h is zerk, it gives u veng without the spell. The shield has a 10% damage absorb tion, and the recruiter sword disables prayer in pvp. Maybe the monsters should be as the following

Recruits- goblins, rats, barrows dudes that dont drop barrows.
Recruiters- rats, obsidion dudes, dragons.
Generals- Red dragons, obsidion dudes, daggs
Lt generals- Black dragons, daggonith kings (maybe only 1) Killerwhatts
10th prestige- Gentilaion mother (dagg queen thingy), Black dragons, Killerwhatts, dark beasts, frost dragons.

Interesting suggestion?
ANOTHER, expend the characture amounts on some forums sections. i didnt get a long feedback XD lmfao, and another make a suggestions area.
Once again we need more people. More drop times, more monsters areas. Maybe more wepons. A facebook group my email is on my account so u can get me to join..
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Im blonde

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PostSubject: Re: IM shadowblade   Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:54 pm

I'll be honest lol i couldn't be annoyed to read this... Makes me feel bad but welcome to rapescap3 Smile Im, Im blonde, a moderator. Always open for help when im on just pop a little pm and i'll get to work :0
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Grimm Raper


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PostSubject: Re: IM shadowblade   Thu Aug 25, 2011 12:50 am

welcome Very Happy
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Reaper Skill

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PostSubject: Re: IM shadowblade   Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:44 am

Welcome to Rapescap3
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PostSubject: Re: IM shadowblade   

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IM shadowblade
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