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 danz270 for mod

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PostSubject: danz270 for mod    danz270 for mod  Icon_minitimeWed Aug 10, 2011 4:44 pm

how long ive been playing: ive been playing for about 5 months now.

in gamename: danz270

are u trustworthy: I would say i am trust worthy because when people need help i react fast i tell them what do you need and they would tell me thier problem and i would help them.Mostly everyday im online and if seth or adrian need help watching the server they can come to me.

how active are you: i am active every day because my school doesnt start until september.i am on 6 days a week except sundays i have work and church.

what would you do if u become mod:if i become mod i would help people alot i would help the owners if they need help and if other staff arent online and the owners need help ill be online and if im not online u can contact me at msn email:danz270@hotmail ,yahoo email:danz270@yahoo.com, or facebook email:christianesquivel66@rocketmail.com and also if they need codes they can come to me.

why do you want to be mod:i would help the server out im at home mostly all the time and if people need help finding locations, i can help them if they price checks im there, and if theres any rule breakers ill remind them about the rules.

What kind of experience do you have:i have alot of experiance i have become mod and admin in legacy 614 and 317 ,in trendscape i was helping owners telling them about rule breakers scammers and rushers and in that server i was gonna be mod but i stoped playing and join rapescape my favorite server.

are you reliable: yes i am reliable i can take care of dupers scammers rule breakers rushers and everything ohh yeah if im not online u can send me a text and ill get on right away my number is: 773 370 3244
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danz270 for mod
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